American High School Program: AP in China


meson's American High School Program offers A California Curriculum and Advanced Placement courses to Chinese students as an alternative to the traditional Chinese curriculum with courseloads that are taught entirely in English.

Students enrolled in Ameson's American High School Program have the option of taking various AP courses including English literature, world history, US government and politics, chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, statistics, calculus and micro and macroeconomics.

Taught by a combination of Chinese and foreign expert teachers, the courses curriculum and the lessons follow a College Board-approved syllabus and is designed to prepare Chinese students to pursue undergraduate studies in the west (USA, UK, Australia, etc).

Embedded within Chinese public high schools

Ameson's American High School program operate as embedded magnet schools within 11 high-ranging Chinese public high schools. On average, the program has seen annual expansion of 3-5 schools.

Here are the current schools that Ameson partners with to implement the American High School Program:

Beijing No.4 High School; Jiangsu Provincial Changzhou High School; Anhui Provincial Hefei No.1 High School; Jiangsu Provincial Nanjing High School; Jiangsu Provincial Nantong High School; Shanghai Gezhi High School; Shandong Experimental High School; Jiangsu Suzhou No.10 High School; Jiangsu Provincial Yangzhou High School; Jiangsu Provincial Yixing High School; Nanjing Jinling High School (Hexi).

Western structures with Chinese characteristics

Ameson's American High School Program uses a California Curriculum and AP Courses to help Chinese high school students prepare to take on the challenges of university-level courses in the west. 

A key purpose is to better bridge participating students and a number of top-50 universities in Europe, the UK, North America and Oceania.

To that end, Ameson's American High School program uses a western curriculum, international administration team, Chinese and western college counselors and a combination of Chinese and certified western teachers as key personnel within with program.

Student options of the American High School Program

Participating students have two options: 

  • 1-year foundation courses (as preparation for undergraduate study in English, Italian and Spanish-speaking countries)
  • 3-year American high school program (using a College Board-approved AP curriculum based upon the California State high school curriculum)
One-year foundation courses are typically for high school graduates between 17-19 years old (students who have completed Senior Year 3, the equivalent of grade 12 in the US).

The 3-year American High School Program was designed for Senior 1 students who intend to forego the GAOKAO in order to pursue an undergraduate degree overseas.

Classes are divided between foreign experts and native Chinese professors who work together to deliver international-quality lessons to their students.

Ameson’s AP courses are all audited by the College Board. This audit – created at the request of secondary school, college, and university members of the College Board – provides teachers and administrators with clear guidelines on the curricular and resource requirements for all AP courses.

To receive authorization from the College Board to label a 2011-2012 course "AP," Ameson's American High School Program must annually demonstrate how their courses meet or exceed College Board requirements. For more information about this process, please visit the AP Course Audit Information page.

Past Ameson AP Students

Ameson students have proven to do very well in the AP Courses and on the AP exams.

Their achievements in the classroom and on the exams have helped these students in their acceptance to top universities in the US and abroad.

In addition, their achievements have been crucial factors in scholarships and awards from College Board, the Ameson Foundation and many others.

  • 15% enrolled in top-25 US universities
  • 30% enrolled in top-50 US universities
  • 45% enrolled in top-80 US universities
  • 10% enrolled in top-100 US universities
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