Jiangsu Explore

kiaJiangsu Explorers visit a Kia factiory and exhibition space during their travels throughout the province.


iangsu Explore is devoted to helping highly educated Chinese studying and working oversees find their dream job in China. The annual program invites Ph.D graduates from world-leading universities for an in-depth look at the local economic situation of various cities and regions in East China, at the same time giving local institutions and firms access to some of China’s top talent.

Organized by the China Zhi Gong Party and financially supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Government, the first Jiangsu Explore tour took place in 2010. Since then, nearly two hundred invitees living in more than a dozen countries have joined the 8-10 day tour for high-level meetings with commercial, political and educational leaders. Participants travel far and wide throughout Jiangsu province, stopping in tier-two cities like Suzhou and Nanjing along with smaller hubs like Nantong and Yancheng. 

参观连云港城市规划展览馆All of the lights: participants get a glimpse at the future of Lianyun Harbor, located in northern Jiangsu.In addition to campus visits at schools like Suzhou University and China Pharmaceutical University, the touring PhDs also get a look at the private sector, which in the past has included visits to the high-tech development zones in Lianyungang, Wuxi and other cities. Jiangsu has proven an attractive option for returning graduates; in previous years, nearly 40% of participants signed work agreements with institutions like Nanjing Agricultural University and the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

Ameson’s role in Jiangsu Explore is that of matchmaker. As Ameson’s Vice-Director of Human Resources William Ke puts it, “Ameson has developed longstanding relationships with many elite schools—Harvard, Cambridge, UCLA, Berkeley and others. Through these channels we help Chinese students get more information about their overseas educational options. At the same time, we help returnees connect with business and education leaders.” 

Reports from previous Jiangsu Explore tours: 201320122011 | 2010

留学人员与中共栖霞区委政府领导合影Another successful tour wraps up with a group photo.Chinese students have been integral to international university system; in the United States, for example, total Chinese enrollment is poised to pass 200,00 students.  But education doesn’t end with admission. More and more Chinese graduates are returning to China after graduation, using their expertise to create commercial and cultural ties between China and the west. Ameson believes Jiangsu Explore can provide a valuable service to Chinese graduates while at the same time helping develop the Chinese intersection of business and education. We’re just getting started.

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