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IrelandMr. Ding Haizhong, Chairman of the People's Congress of Ma'anshan Municipality, at the Institute of Technology at Carlow, Ireland


hroughout the years, Ameson has worked to arrange study tours and training sessions in different countries for education officials at the national, provincial and municipal levels. Intended to help officials learn about the strengths of other educational systems, study tours are organized around topics such as higher education, student and teacher evaluation systems, special education and budget management. Chinese educators have never been shy about looking high and low for educational solutions, no matter where the good ideas come from. The results have been impressive: in the post-reform era, China’s literacy rate has exploded, and more Chinese students are pursuing a college education than ever before. China’s educational professionals have made huge advances over the past few decades, and Ameson is helping to continue this tradition.

One reason for Ameson’s continued success is our commitment to ongoing dialogue between members of the global education community at all levels, from grassroots to governments. Take Ameson’s 2009 Africa training: stretching the width and breadth of the continent, Ameson brought a team of officials to Kenya, Senegal and South Africa in order to promote cultural and linguistic programs with the Confucius Institute. Sean Zhang, Executive Vice-Chairman of the Ameson Foundation, helped head the delegation alongside fellow leaders like Professor Cheng Wei, President of Liaoning University, and Li Shusen, Deputy Director of the Liaoning Education Department. All the hard work paid off when, during the trip, Liaoning University and Senegal’s University of Dakar in Senegal signed an agreement to establish a Confucius Institute.

AfricaAmeson Executive Vice-Chairman Sean Zhang touring Africa.Any successful study tour combines open and honest dialogue with a targeted focus on one particular topic. Such was the case in 2005, when Ameson and the Finnish National Board of Education held a joint training program for Chinese high school principals in Helsinki. Targeted mainly at principals, the event also prominently featured directors from Education Bureaus throughout Jiangsu and Liaoning provinces. Ameson was also pleased to have along Liu Yumin, Deputy Director of the Guangdong Department of Education, to conduct a study about curriculum reforms in Finnish high schools.

Our greatest satisfaction, however, is when the rubber hits the road and educational theory becomes practice. The efforts of the Jiangsu Department of Education in reaching out to other world education systems helped bring about the “Jiangsu-Ontario International Education Cooperation” event in 2005. Attracting a dozen of Canada’s top universities, the event provided a platform for the Jiangsu Education Bureau to further commit to global education with a new policy to drive Sino-foreign cooperative management of educational initiatives in China's schools. This can-do spirit also helped drive the 2009 “Beijing Forum for Sino-US Collaboration”, attracted comitted shareholders such as the Gates Foundation.

FinlandLiu Yumin, Deputy Director of the Guangdong Department of Education, stopping by Fiinland's Ressu School.We at Ameson believe this enthusiasm for personal and cooperative improvement is contagious. Whether our training events are introducing new advances in educational theory, or building foundations for global cultural bridges, our goal has always been the promotion of mutual understanding and long-term partnerships. Chinese education is changing fast and needs new and original thinking. Despite record high scores from Chinese high schools in international testing, the educational leadership in China is well aware of its relative strengths and weaknesses. With the Chinese economy undergoing rapid transformation, educators are grooming the next generation of thinkers and doers. Part of Ameson’s work is making sure they succeed.

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