Training for Educators

Ameson teachers and administrators meet regularly to bring the fruits of international cooperation to bear in the classroom


dministrators and principals guide China's educational vision. Charged with research and consultation, they leverage education policy to enact macro policy shifts. Responsible for translating broad-based initiative into action, teachers bring the fruits of international educational cooperation to bear in the classroom.

At Ameson, we know that further exposure to international theory and practice is crucial for Chinese education. Professional development, teacher evaluations and quality options for underprivileged students all depend on it. That's why the Ameson Foundation regularly conducts and sponsors training for educators of stripes. With training programs year-round and across the globe, Ameson is forging connections from the Americas to Asia. 

Ameson works closely with trainees to help them discover new ways to adapt educational techniques developed abroad for use in Chinese society.

Training for Principals and Administrators

Principals at a training session on student evaluation, held at the University of Cambridge.Training for principals and administrators focuses on helping trainees gain a comprehensive understanding of educational systems abroad. Trainees will determine how various strengths can then be adapted to the Chinese educational system. Participants attending training sessions abroad typically take part in an orientation session in China before departure. Orientation sessions help identify the trainees’ specific goals and questions in order to provide more personalized and more relevant training for both Chinese trainees and foreign host institutions.

Emphasis is placed on advances in educational theory coupled with specific methods of praxis. Topics covered include: educational management and administration, educational internationalization, and systems for evaluating student performance. Ample time is reserved for reflection and interaction between trainees and foreign experts, helping to reinforce the knowledge gained during the training and create personal ties to sustain further exchange.

Media coverage at the 2005 Joint Training Program in FinlandIn 2005 the Ameson Foundation and the Finnish National Board of Education inaugural joint training program for Chinese high school principals proved a fortuitous start, even garnering TV coverage from some of Helsinki and Finland’s largest news outlets. 2006 built on that momentum with the Nanjing Forum for International Elite HS Principals, the largest secondary education forum in Nanjing history. The mission continues to the present: March 2013 saw 20 principals from Hebei province spend 3 weeks travelling across the U.S. from D.C to California and Harvard to San Diego State.

Training for teachers

Training for teachers emphasizes the application of educational theory. The Ameson Foundation has forged partnerships with a number of universities in the U.K. and North America to create a series of teacher training bases. Through a combination of lectures and classroom experiences, teachers have the opportunity to learn new teaching methods at the same time as they deepen their knowledge of their host country’s culture. Training sessions held abroad, which last from a few weeks to six months, are typically supplemented with travel opportunities to further enhance the trainees’ cultural knowledge. The Ameson Foundation offers this type of training to hundreds of Chinese English teachers annually.

Since 2004, Ameson has arranged 9 large-scale training sessions for teachers from Jinan, Shandong, and recent sessions in 2012 have branched out to nearby provinces such as Zhejiang. From 2001 to 2005, the Ameson Foundation assisted the Huzhou Bureau of Education in completing a five-year plan to improve the quality of its teachers by organizing annual training sessions at the Ameson-Durham University Training base. Several hundred teachers participated in the program during these years. In 2004, the Ameson Foundation brought 21 experienced English teachers from Jiaxing, Zhejiang to the UK for training in English teaching methods. The teachers were hand-selected by the Jiaxing Bureau of Education, while Ameson handled organization for the event and provided visa assistance to the teachers. The training included opportunities to learn about English culture and trips to local schools. 

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