Focus Group Held in the Chinese Embassy in Assisting Consular Protection

<p> On October 14, a focus group was held at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. co-organized by the Ameson Foundation and the Chinese Embassy to collect observations and comments from Chinese students studying in the United States. Nearly 30 undergraduates, graduate and doctoral students from Georgetown University, American University, Catholic University of America, and The George Washington University attended the meeting. The forum was hosted by Minister Counselor Cen Jianjun of the Chinese Embassy and Mr. Zhu Xiao Di, the Deputy Director of the Ameson Foundation. During the meeting, students shared their personal experiences and discussed their common concerns about studying abroad. Minister Counselor Cen Jianjun and Mr. Zhu Xiao Di spoke on how both the Chinese Embassy and organizations like the Ameson Foundation can help students adjust to living and studying in the United States. 

A warm and friendly atmosphere encouraged participants to speak enthusiastically at the meeting.

Counselor Cen Jianjun said that with the rapid increase in the number of students studying in the United States, the Chinese Embassy has been paying more attention to the safety issue among Chinese students. In order to further the Consular Protection work, the Chinese Embassy asked the Ameson Foundation to be a partner in gathering important feedback from students about their experiences living and studying in the United States. 

Minister Counselor Cen Jianjun (middle) and the students were very pleased to have an opportunity to talk with each other.

During the conversation, Mr. Zhu Xiao Di also spoke about how parents are always worried about their children’s safety – especially when their children are living and studying in foreign countries. He said that, as a non-profit and non-government organization, Ameson Education and Cultural Exchange Foundation is proud to be able to assist the Chinese Embassy in working together for students to ensure they have safe, healthy and successful foreign study experiences.

Participants gather for a group photo after the focus group.


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