China Aviation Industry Executive Gives Online Lecture to North American Students

Good morning, Shanghai! Good night, Washington! On September 22 at 8:30 AM Beijing time, which is September 21 at 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, China Aviation Developers 2017 Campus Recruitment delivered online lectures in Shanghai, China and Washington, D.C., United States. Despite the different times of day and long distance, people on both sides of the world were able to watch the lecture through their screens.

Dr. Jin Zhang Feng, China Aviation Industry Development Deputy General Manager, was invited as a guest speaker for the lecture. His humorous greetings narrowed the distance between him and the overseas students watching the lecture at the Ameson Education and Cultural Exchange Foundation, near the White House in Washington, D.C. The lecture was conducted in English, which not only was a test of the English proficiency level of overseas students, but also showed the great forward of China's aviation industry in international recruitment.

Yu Jiasheng, an international student at the lecture, identified himself as a postgraduate student in mechanical and aerospace engineering at George Washington University, and said that Dr. Feng delivered the lecture in English and interacted with the students, fully attracting their interest and passion. In addition to introducing information about business development and employment needs, as an expert, Dr. Feng also analyzed the characteristics of the aviation engine industry, the company's strategic positioning and personnel training, and answered hot issue concerns. When Jiasheng learned that returnees who join the Chinese aviation industry have many employment benefits, he submitted his resume that evening. The position he applied for was research and development in aerodynamics. After attending the lecture, he was more excited about the possibility of returning to China to work. China's aviation business is his favorite industry, and he hopes to get an offer as soon as possible.

Washington sub-venue students was watching the live broadcast. 

China Aviation Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd., referred to as AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd, is the main body and main contractor of China's large passenger aircraft engine project. AECC is a diversified share-holding enterprise funded by China Aviation Industry Corporation, Shanghai Tobacco Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation and Shanghai Guosheng (Group) Co., Ltd., which mainly engages in commercial aviation engines and related product design, development, production, marketing services and technical consulting business. Currently, there are a number of job vacancies, however when a job position is posted, it is highly competitive. There are often hundreds of people submitting resumes, with most failing to meet the job requirements.

According to Dr. Feng, AECC recruiters are now beginning to search for students that are studying overseas. He explained that they hope to tap into all aspects of quality and ability, including English proficiency, global vision, innovative thinking, marketization and professional ethics. Dr. Feng explained, “We will face difficulties and challenges, so passion and courage to go beyond the talents are critical. Education is important, but the China Aviation Industry Development pays more attention to personal strength.”

Screen shot between live, Dr. Feng Jinzhang (screen, in) as a guest speaker

"Heart start, dream set sail" is the slogan of China Aviation Industry Development, and inspires people to participate in the course of the motherland.

In today’s world, job recruitment has greatly changed, and it is becoming increasingly important to have an online presence during the hiring process. From the online submission of electronic resumes to video interviews, the development of online recruitment of students on campus is more common than ever before. Sesame Bridge is an online platform that helps recruiting companies advertise what they are recruiting, and enables them to get in contact with students across geographical boundaries in many places all over the world. The success of the lecture held by the China Aviation Industry Development Campus Recruitment in Shanghai and Washington, D.C. showcases that Sesame Bridge is able to successfully connect students to recruiters in a convenient, direct, efficient, and widespread manner.

After the lecture, the students were still enthusiastic, and continued to chat with Stephen Smith, the Executive Director of Ameson Education and Cultural Exchange Foundation, and exchanged education and workplace experience. Many of the students skipped dinner for the lecture, but they all felt it was worth it. Huang Yingbang, a student of mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland at Parker, said he was glad to listen to Dr. Feng, an expert from the "Thousand Talents Program" and recipient of the Friendship Award of the Chinese Government, and has learned a lot about the requirement by large enterprises for talents, and understood how he could improve himself, which was especially beneficial. Hence, this evening becomes a valuable life experience.

Representatives on behalf of students in China Aviation Developers the North American branch and co-sponsor of the United States Ameson Cultural Exchange Foundation Washington Office Director Shi Yitian (Stephen Smith) together. 


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