ACEIS Provides Platform for Gaokao Track Chinese Students to Apply to Cambridge University

20141112 amesonpress tsaSmiling faces at the University of Cambridge interview reception


n October 31st, nearly 300 students persisted through elaborate tests in hopes of earning the opportunity to enroll at Cambridge University. The Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) and accompanying interview, two important steps to the Cambridge University application process are organized for Chinese students in Shanghai yearly by the Cambridge/Ameson Selection Center. Each year Chinese students from around the country are provided with the opportunity to apply to their dream school without stepping foot outside of China.
Unlike the Chinese college entrance exam (Gaokao), the TSA and the interview challenge students in ways that go beyond rote memorization. The students’ ability to interpret new information, analyze data, think critically, and solve problems is equally as important as their knowledge base. Most students at Cambridge University have high marks, so applicants must demonstrate well-roundedness and other skills that will give them a competitive edge.

20141111 amesonpress tsacambridgeCambridge professor confirms student information with an Ameson employeeThis year’s test takers included students who previously passed the Ameson Scholastic Test (AST) administered through the Ameson Chinese Elite Identification System (ACEIS), an offshoot of an Ameson Foundation and Cambridge University program founded in 2002. A portion of these students is enrolled in a high school with the Gaokao track and would not have had the opportunity to apply to Cambridge if not for ACEIS. 

Regardless of each student’s performance on the TSA, the chance to talk to experts in different fields as well as the additional test and interview experience can better prepare students for their applications to other ACEIS membership universities like Bristol and Durham. Through continued cooperation with China’s domestic schools as well as the great relationships nurtured with schools abroad, Ameson, via its ACEIS, program gives students more choices whether it is taking the Gaokao and attending University near home or applying to study overseas. For these students, the distance to achieving their dreams is made a little smaller each day.
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