Ameson Facilitates Cambridge and Tangshan No.1 Agreement

jianqiaopaiziDr. Liu receives a plaque establishing his school's relationship with Cambridge


n June 17th, teachers and administrators at Tangshan No. 1 High School in Hebei Province welcomed representatives from the University of Cambridge and the Ameson Foundation in a signing ceremony that established Tangshan No. 1 as one of Cambridge's 39 official selection sites in China. This agreement represents yet another milestone in Ameson and Cambridge’s decade-long partnership in identifying and preparing young talent in China for education at this elite institution.

qianyueyishiThe agreement represents a new stage of cooperation and exchangeThe ceremony was attended by Tangshan No. 1's principal Dr. Liu Zhangsuo as well as Ms Zhang Li, Ameson's program representative, and Xie Huanlian, the Ameson Chinese Elite Identification System (ACEIS) representative. After the signing of the agreement, filmed by local television crews, Dr. Liu accepted a plaque recognizing the school's new position and adding to its illustrious history. Established over one hundred years ago, Tangshan No. 1 was one of China’s earliest secondary institutions and has long been recognized as one of China's premier secondary institutions by officials at the national and provincial levels.

This agreement represents the fruit of ACEIS' efforts to provide a platform for promoting global citizenship and cultural understanding among Chinese and Western elites through educational exchange. Ameson sincerely hopes that the establishment of agreements such as this one and the resulting educational and cultural exchange will contribute to cultural understanding for a better future.

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