Ameson co-organizes three major education conferences

In mid-October, the Ameson Education and Culture Exchange Foundation is co-organizing three major education forums that will be attended by world-leading education professionals coming together to share ideas about global education standards for elite students and their relationship with world-leading schools.

On Thurs. Oct. 14th, the Ameson Foundation and the Chinese Ministry of Education’s Basic Education Curriculum magazine will present a Beijing roundtable dialogue entitled “Identifying and Cultivating Gifted Students.”

On Oct. 15-16, Ameson co-hosts and co-organizes the Shijiazhuang “Education Strategy and Education Quality International Forum” in tandem with the Municipal Government of Shijiazhuang, the China National Institute for Educational  and Scientific Research and the China Education Press Agency.

Finally, on Oct. 18, Ameson co-organizes a roundtable dialogue in Shaoxing called “Education Strategy and Education Quality”, an event that is being co-organized by the Zhejiang Society of Education, the Shanghai Society of Education, the Jiangsu Society of Education and the Shaoxing Education Bureau.

Bejing roundtable

At the event, four globally-renowned educators will address that topic from four different perspectives.

Opening the conference will be Mr. Thomas Toch, the Executive Director of the Association of Independent Schools of Greater Washington. Mr. Toch will address the topic of “identifying and cultivating gifted students” in terms of American legislation and regulations.

Next, a case study will be presented by Mr. Richard Ewing, the Principal of the Norwood School.

In the afternoon session, Dr. Deborah Stipek (Dean of Stanford University’s School of Education) will address the topic from the perspective of colleges and educational scholars.

Following Dr. Stipek will be Mr. Andreas Schleicher, Director, Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), OECD. Mr. Schleicher will focus his talk on defining characteristics of exceptional students, and then discuss effective methods to identify gifted students across borders.

The closing speech at the Beijing event will be made by Professor Sean Zhang, the Vice Chairman of the Ameson Foundation.

Shaoxing Dialogue

On Mon. Oct. 18, the Shaoxing Dialogue (co-organized by Ameson, the Zhejiang Society of Education, the Shanghai Society of Education, the Jiangsu Society of Education and the Shaoxing Education Bureau) will feature talks by Mr. Tom Toch, Mr. Thomas Price (Principal of the Branson School), Mr. Richard Ewing (Principal of the Norwood School), Mr. Paul Miller (Director of Global Initiatives, National Association of Independent Schools) and Dr. Deborah Stipek.

As with the Beijing forum, each of the speakers will discuss a particular aspect of stimulating education that relates to exceptional students and elite high schools, colleges and universities.

Also attending the October conferences: Dr. Thomas Price (Headmaster, the Branson School); Gerald Boarman (Headmaster, Bullis School); Ann Miller (Director of Admissions, Madeira School); Susanna Jones (Headmaster, Holton-Arms School); Kathleen Smith (Director of Acedemics, Langley School); Susan Atkinson (Headmaster, Langley School); Melissa Brown (Global Education Director, Holton Arms School); Xiang Bo Wang (Vice president of Relationship Development in Asia, the College Board).
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