Jiangsu Explore 2010

group-2010Participants in the Jiangsu Explore program pose for a group portrait.


meson is happy to announce a new program for Chinese students pursuing doctoral degrees abroad: Jiangsu Explore. Partnering with the Jiangsu Provincial Government and the Zhi Gong Party, Ameson will invite Chinese doctoral and post-doctoral scholars from 10 elite overseas universities to come to Jiangsu Province to learn more about employment opportunities, entrepreneurship and career development. Ameson believes Jiangsu Explore is the next step for the integration of China into global education. 

More and more Chinese graduates are returning to China after graduation, using their expertise to forge commercial and cultural ties between China and the west. Ameson sees Jiangsu Explore as a valuable service to Chinese graduates while simultaneously developing the Chinese intersection of business and education. As part of the itinerary, participants will have the opportunity to interview with prospective employers from local universities and research institutes along with state and private companies. Traveling to factories, development zones, university campuses and bustling downtown business districts, participants will have the chance to experience a broad cross section of the country during the brief tour. 

scrubsThe group tours a pharmaceutical plant in Jiangsu Province, guided by the plant's directorAmeson’s role in the program will be that of matchmaker. As Ameson’s Vice-Director of Human Resources William Ke puts it, “Ameson has developed longstanding relationships with many elite schools—Harvard, Cambridge, UCLA, Berkeley and others. Through these channels we help Chinese students get more information about their overseas educational options. At the same time, we help returnees connect with business and education leaders.” Considering the time and effort required to complete MA or PhD degrees (and in a second language!), it's no surprise that between research and coursework, most students do not have time to stay connected to the latest developments in the job market. Enter Ameson, with offices on both sides of the Pacific and throughout China. 

Ameson has always strived to maintain its vanguard position in the field of educational development. Chinese students will continue to contribute significant numbers to global study abroad numbers, annually setting new enrollment records in the United States and Europe. The next step, that of life after post-secondary schooling, is a less frequent topic amongst education professionals. Ameson is leveraging its tight knit network of partnerships to change the conversation. Jiangsu Explore starts…now.
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