Interactive Seminar on High School and University Reform Initiatives in China and the United States held at Harvard University

A two-day seminar on High School and University Reform Initiatives in China and the United States was held on February 22 and 23, at the Gutman Conference Center at Harvard University.

The seminar was a “two-way learning and dialogue” between the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) faculty, superintendents, principals, admission directors from leading US schools and universities, and 22 Chinese delegates who traveled to the US for this event. Professor Kathleen McCartney, Dean of HGSE addressed a welcome speech followed by Professor Fernando Reimers, Director of Global Education and of International Education Policy, seminar chair and director for HGSE and a participant of the education forums in Jinan and Hangzhou; and Professor Sean Zhang, Deputy Chairman of the Ameson Foundation. The bilingual seminar draws different perspectives from academics, students, education practitioners in the US and China.

Key-note speakers from HGSE included Ms. Elizabeth City, Executive Director, Doctor of Education Leadership, Program; Mr. David Perkins, Carl H. Pforzheimer, Jr. Professor of Teaching and Learning; Ms. Tina Grotzer, Assistant Professor of Education; Ms. Katherine Merseth, Director, Teacher Education Program; Jon Star, Assistant Professor of Education. Others atteding the forum also shared perspectives on education practices, including Dr. George Entwistle, Superintendent, Belmont Public Schools; Dr. Michael Harvey, Principal, Belmont High School; Mr. Bak Fun Wong, Principal, Quincy Upper School; and Mr. Jeffrey Young, Superintendent of Cambridge Public Schools.

The Chinese delegates who delivered panel presentations include Mr. Shengchang Tang, Principal of Shanghai High School; Mr. Weiming Ding, Principal of Changzhou High School; and Mr. Baolai Han, Director General of Education Department of Shijiazhuang Municipality. The selected speakers also interacted with all participants in the seminar on issues of basic education reform and evaluation.

Below is a slideshow of the event.

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