A look back at ACE 2013

aceThis year's program featured students from China, Russia and the United States.


he seventh annual Ameson Chinese Elite Program was held from July 29 – August 2, 2013 in Beijing and hosted over 200 top students from China, Russia and the United States. A strictly non-profit event, ACE is dedicated to shaping the next generation of global leaders. ACE is entirely free for Chinese students while American and Russian students receive a travel scholarship. In six consecutive years of ACE programs, Ameson has extended this unique opportunity to nearly 2,000 students.


ACE gives students access to academic, social and political leaders through seminars and speeches, facilitates in-depth cross-cultural interaction through student panel discussions, and places students in positions of leadership with a student-elected committee responsible for organizing social and cultural events. A new addition 

Opening Ceremony

guests1The special guests at the ACE 2013 opening ceremony.The program began on July 29th with an opening ceremony hosted by Ameson Chief Representative Lica Zhang in the Main Conference Hall of the Experimental High School Attached to Beijing Normal University.

The ceremony was attended by Ron Byrne, Vice President of Mount Allison University; Stephen Warrington, Director of Teaching at the University of Edinburgh; Xu Tong, Vice-Secretary General of the Senior High School Education Committee of the China Education Society; Cheng Ziying, Director of the China National Committee for the Wellbeing of Youth; Cai Xiaodong and Liu Xuedong ,the Principal and Vice-Principal of the hosting school; and Sean Zhang, Executive Vice-Chairman of the Ameson Foundation.


jinProfessor Can Jinrong gave an insightful speech on a number of hot issues in the field of International Relations.Every year, the ACE program invites academic, social and political leaders to deliver seminars and speeches of interest to the students. This year was no exception, hosting such big names as Ron Byrne, Vice President of Mount Allison University; Stephen Warrington, Director of Teaching at the University of Edinburgh; Robert Patterson, Director of College Outreach at Zinch, Professor Jin Canrong, International Relations expert from Renmin University; and Chen Suoming, Director of the Principals Training Center of Beijing Normal University.


panel5American student Jeanne Hua speaks during the panel on Snowden and cybersecurity.ACE 2013 included three panel discussions: “innovation and leadership”, “a person or event from Chinese history that influenced me”, and “morality, privacy and government transparency in the internet age: the effects of the Snowden case on global affairs." The panels were moderated by Stephen Warrington, Robert Patterson, and Huang Da (a journalist for CCTV) respectively. These panels, particularly the one on cyber-security, inspired a great deal of discussion during and after the panel as well as online on the ACE blog platform. Read more about the panel discussions here.


the Model CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference), which lets students experience the processes by which China’s 8 parties identify and address social issues in China’s political system. In teams, students identify a social issue from their daily lives (e.g. elderly care, pollution, the environment), conduct research and draft a proposal to ameliorate or solve this problem. Competing proposals are then set against one another in a round-based elimination format, and the winning proposal is submitted to the actual CPPCC during ACE’s closing ceremony.

cppccZheng Yeying, the monitor for Class 2 delivers her class' winning proposal to CPPCC National Committee Member Cao Hongming.Students decided their topics over the weeks before ACE using our online platform to submit and debate different possible issues. During ACE, students work together to conduct online and community research on their issue, and then draw up a proposal to adjust current policy or create new policy to address that problem. The students have been busy, with many going out to conduct surveys or inspections, and with foreign students helping draw examples and solutions from other countries facing similar issues.

The final competition between Class 2 (“Research On Improving Oversight Of Dairy Products”)and Class 7 (“Research on Recycling and Reusing Old Domestic Appliances”) took place on the morning of the closing ceremony. Attended by several representatives of the CPPCC, the two teams made their final presentations and answered questions from the visiting experts. Finally Class Two’s proposal was announced as the winner by Ameson Executive Vice-Chairman Sean Zhang, and a copy of their proposal was received by Secretary-General of the China Zhi Gong Party and CPPCC National Committee Member Cao Hongming and will be submitted to the real CPPCC for consideration.

Student activities

artsStudents performing a decidedly post-modern rendition of Snow White during the student art performance.One of the highlights of the week was the arts performance, organized by the Student Union. Held on the last evening of the program, the show featured dancing, singing, and “cross-talk” (a kind of Chinese stand-up comedy with two people). At the end of the night, the foreign students got together to sing a Chinese song called “Duibuqi”, which brought the house down. After the performance, the stage was opened for everyone to dance together before the students, excited but exhausted after a full week of activities, retired to their dorms.

Closing Ceremony

closingstudents receive "Excellent Camper Certificates" during the closing ceremony.On August 2, the program came to a close, with a closing ceremony hosted by Lica Zhang. The ceremony was attended by Cao Hongming; Yao Wei, Deputy Secretary of High School Education Professional Committee of Chinese Society of Education; Cai Xiaodong; Sean Zhang; Zhang Ningrui, Chief Editor of the CPPCC Channel of the China Internet Information Center; and Stephen Warrington. Sun Hu, a student from Zhen Hai High School, Ningbo, and Eugene Botov, a student from Moscow, made speeches on behalf of all the ACE campers where they shared their feelings and experiences during the program. Wang Baoyi from Shanghai Gezhi High School made a speech on behalf of the ACE volunteers and called the other volunteers onto the stage for a photo while the crowd cheered their appreciation. And thus ended the 7th Annual Ameson Chinese Elite Program. Next year it is hoped that students from France and the U.K. will join the program as well, making the event even more diverse and even more valuable to students.
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