2013 Model CPPCC in full swing

mc-newsStudents from class 4 present their plan to reduce traffic congestion to the judges


he second ever Model CPPCC activity is in full swing. This year’s Model CPPCC activity pits ten teams of top students from China, America and Russia against each other in a socially-oriented competition to draft a plan to resolve social issues. The activity leads students through the processes used by the real CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Committee) to identify and address social issues through policy.

Students decided their topics over the weeks before ACE using our online platform to submit and debate different possible issues. During ACE, students work together to conduct online and community research on their issue, and then draw up a proposal to adjust current policy or create new policy to address that problem. The students have been busy, with many going out to conduct surveys or inspections, and with foreign students helping draw examples and solutions from other countries facing similar issues.

mc-news 2Qiu Guoyi sharing his decades of experience with the CPPCCThe event was officially kicked off with a speech from CPPCC National Committee member and former Secretary-General of the Organization Department  of the China Zhi Gong Party Central Committee, Qiu Guoyi. Professor Qiu started by introducing the history, structure, status and role of the CPPCC, as well as emphasizing the CPPCC’s three major functions: political consultation, democratic supervision and participation in politics. He then discussed what CPPCC members think makes a good proposal.

On the 31st, the first round of the competition was held, with 10 teams presenting and only 5 advancing. In five classrooms, two teams faced off and answered questions from judges and campers, before a winner was announced. The organization and results of the competition are shown below, with advancing teams marked with an underline. The next round of the competition will be held on Thursday, August 1st at 1:30 PM.
mc-news 3Jerry from class 2 interviewing a nursing mother about the oversight of China's dairy industry 
Class 1 Research on compensation for flight delays
Class 5 Research on standardizing the management of the tour guide industry
Class 2 Research on improving oversight of dairy products
Class 8 Research on the even distribution of materials for compulsory education
Class 3 Research on management of urban ambient salespeople
mc-news 1Students from class 3 interview ambient vendors
Class 7 Research on recycling and reusing old domestic appliances
Class 4 Research on urban traffic congestion
Class 6 Research on overall management of water pollution
Class 9 Research regarding social assistance for children with Autism.
Class 10 Research on the healthy development of charity organizations.
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