Laying down roots - Jiangsu Explore 2013

JSE4-topjse4-talkA Jiangsu Explore participant talks with a local employer during a job fair


eld from June 18th to June 26th, this year’s Jiangsu Explore program helped 38 Chinese students studying abroad find fulfilling employment in Eastern China. Financially supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Government as a public service for students educated abroad, the Jiangsu Explore program is in its fourth year. Of the 214 applicants from Chinese studying in over 20 countries around the world, finally around 60 were invited to visit Xuzhou, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou and Nanjing and meet with local employers.

This year’s trip was kicked off in Xuzhou, Jiangsu with an opening event featuring speeches from Yan Yixin, Vice-Chairman of the China Zhi Gong Central Committee and NPC standing member, Ma Jianguo, Vice-Chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial PPCC and Chairman of the Zhi Gong Party Jiangsu Provincial Committee, and Yang Shiyun, Xuzhou Municipal Committee standing member and Director of the Organization Department. In his talk, Mr. Yan stated that Jiangsu Explore was about more than just attracting top talent, it was a way for the government to support the large number of students studying in other countries.

jse4-shake17 participants signed agreements with local employers during the closing ceremony in Nanjing.After visits to more than a dozen local employers and institutes of higher education, the trip came to an end with a closing ceremony and banquet in Nanjing. Compared with previous years, this year’s Jiangsu Explore Program saw closer cooperation with local government than ever before. Representatives from several government departments were invited to this year’s closing ceremony to explain the special policies established to benefit returnees.

Returnees (called “sea turtles” in Chinese) are coming back to China at ever increasing rates. As some of China’s brightest and most highly educated individuals, they are highly sought after by employers. But beyond simple matchmaking between employers and talented individuals, the Jiangsu Explore Program is at its core a social program, designed to help returning students express their full potential and build a satisfying life. Or as Vice-Chairman Ma puts it, helping them to “put down roots and grow.” Between Ameson, the Jiangsu Government and the Zhi Gong Party, a vibrant forest of China’s top talent is taking root in Eastern China.

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