Latest SAYA exchange comes to Hexi

saya-2013-prov-hexi1Students from NC's Providence Day School and Nanjing's Jinling High School Hexi campus posing together at Ameson's office in Nanjing


he latest installment of the Sino-American Youth Ambassadors exchange program took place this June, with students from Charlotte, North Carolina's esteemed Providence Day School making a short visit to Nanjing's Jinling High School Hexi campus. The students got a taste of authentic Chinese life by attending classes with their Chinese peers during the day and becoming members of the family in the evening. 

Providence Day School, whose Global Education program is ranked in the top 30 among U.S. schools, hosted a group of students from Jinling High School earlier this year, and like Branson High School, decided to follow up the exchange with a visit of their own. 

saya-2013-prov-hexi3Providence students introducing their home town to their Chinese classmates.On their first day, the students were treated to a welcome reception and then visited the mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, before settling into their host family homes. During their time at the school, the students attended classes given by Ameson teachers, helped Chinese students prepare for their TOEFL exams, and watched the mouth-watering documentary "A Bite of China" to practice their Chinese listening skills while whetting their appetite for Chinese cuisine. The students also engaged in some non-verbal cultural exchange - shooting hoops with the local students. 

As President Obama put it, "young people are our best ambassadors" between China and the United States. We here at Ameson couldn't agree more! 

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