Jiangsu Explore 2011

speechZhiGong Party chairman for Jiangsu Province Mr. Huang Yinhui delivers a speech at the welcome reception.


meson’s mission of cultural and education exchange is not limited to just working with students. To wit: our Jiangsu Explore program, now its second year. A cooperative endeavor between Ameson, the Jiangsu Provincial Government and the Zhi Gong Party, Jiangsu Explore find Ameson helping play host to Chinese doctoral students from top universities abroad. This year’s class of Explorers was 65 strong, with participants joining from 10 countries. Also joining the tour was a delegation from the Jiangsu Zhi Gong Party. Together, everybody contributed to raise the stakes for our second trek through Jiangsu.

During their tour, the 65-member group visited, well, everywhere: the Qixia National Development Zone; Nanjing University; Zhenjiang Science and Technology Park; Wuxi National Sensing Information Center; and Suzhou University. How did they hold up? Despite the grueling pace, our participants found running around more than worthwhile. To quote returnee Yang Ming, a chemical engineer at MIT:Sun-Yatsen-MasoleumParticipants tour Sun Yatsen's Masoleum in Nanjing “We visited a ton of companies and schools and had plenty opportunities for dialogue. Frankly, I was really shocked to see the domestic situation developing so rapidly. After getting a glimpse, I’d love a chance to come back and make my own mark as well.” Apparently, other participants felt the same: 24 returnees signed agreements of intent with domestic projects, with another 30 still in negotiations. 

The high ratio of participants who find future careers through Jiangsu Explore helps highlight an important point about the program: PhDs can't be experts in everything. Specialists in their field, they straddle the academic sphere and the job market, theory and practice, China and abroad. "As China continues to develop, we believe that more students will go abroad to study, so it’s important that we create opportunities for them when they return to China,” declared Ameson Executive Vice-Chairman Sean Zhang. Many qualified graduates are unaware of available opportunities within public and private institutions looking for candidates like themselves. Over 10 days of high-level meetings with commercial, political and educational leaders, our participants traveled through each stratum of Jiangsu province, with stops in larger cities like Suzhou and Nanjing along with smaller hubs like Nantong and Yancheng.

cardA thank-you card to Ameson Executive Vice-Chairman Sean Zhang signed by all Jiangsu Explore 2011 ParticipantsNow in its second year, the Jiangsu Explore program is starting to gain momentum. With 55 potential signees from a group of 65, we’re happy to help match an outstanding supply of young talent with strong demand from domestic Chinese institutions. Professor Zhang summed it up best: “Ameson is grateful to have played matchmaker [between partners]… the harvest has been great, these returnees are truly exceptional.” We couldn’t agree more.
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