Jiangsu Explore 2012

assembly-lineThis year's tour brought participants to a wide range of local industries and universities.


t’s that time of year again. A cooperation between three educational stalwarts in the lower Yangtze region — Ameson, the Jiangsu Provincial Government and the Jiangsu Zhigong Party — the Jiangsu Explore program successfully held its third tour between September 7th and 16th.

Jiangsu Explore is designed to match outstanding graduates with leading domestic Chinese institutions. What makes Jiangsu Explore different is our participants: educated abroad at some of the top universities, these global scholars are then given a chance to visit rapidly globalizing firms and universities in the province. This year saw another sizeable group: 60 PhDs made the trip back to travel with Ameson. It was another educational, and raucous, event to remember. 

zhang-dejiangVice-Premier Zhang Dejiang with kind words for Jiangsu Explore.Organized by the Jiangsu Zhigong Party and financially supported by the Jiangsu Provincial Government, the first Jiangsu Explore tour took place in 2010. 2012 was a new high point for what is fast becoming a tradition. This year nearly 200 applicants studying and working in 17 countries applied to join the tour; 65 made the cut. As soon as participants arrived, they were off for 10 days of meeting, greeting and networking with business and educational leaders throughout Jiangsu, including: Suzhou, Nantong, Yancheng, Lianyungang, and Nanjing.

At the end of the day of the whirlwind tour, a total of 15 participants had signed agreements to work with local companies and institutions, with more participants still in negotiations. But the Jiangsu Explore program isn’t just about the bottom line. As our closing banquet demonstrated, these academics know how to have a good time, too. Food, drink and good company were enjoyed by all; song and a fair few toasts brought the night to a late conclusion.

ma-jianguoZhi Gong Party Secretary for Jiangsu Province Ma Jianguo hosted the Opening Ceremony.The banquet also featured some worthwile words from program leadership. "As China's economic strength and international influence continues to increase, it is vital that we continue to focus on talent development along economic, political, cultural, and social lines” implored Zhi Gong Party representative Huang Yinhui. “To excel on the world stage, talent is the fundamental resource that will keep China thriving. Now is the time to focus on highly-educated talents returning from overseas – to do this, we need the best and brightest in China to step forward and begin that journey.” The journey starts with Ameson.

Below is a selection of pictures from the farewell dinner.

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