Ameson & College Board co-hosts 2011 AP Symposium in Shanghai


he first ever AP Courses Symposium (co-organized by the College Board and the Ameson Foundation) was held On Dec. 15-16 2011 in Shanghai, in association with the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the Education Bureau of Huangpu District, the Shanghai Education Association, the Journal of Fundamental Education Curriculum and Shanghai Gezhi High School.

Honored guests at the 2-day symposium included: Dr. Wang Xiangbo (U.S. College Board Vice President); Mr. Zhang Minsheng (Vice President of the Chinese Society of Education & former deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission; Prof. Sean Zhang ( Ameson Foundation Vice Chairman ); Miss Cheng Xiaoyu (Shanghai Deputy Director of the Christian Education Board of Education); Ms. Yan Huifen (Huangpu District Secretary for Education); Mr. Wang Weiming (Director of Huangpu District, Bureau of Education); Mr. Cao Genlin ( Deputy Director of Huangpu District, Bureau of Education) and many other other leading education officials.  

According to Ameson Shanghai AP Director Guo Feiyan: "The discussion topics during the symposium focused on integrating AP courses locally with Chinese characteristics, teacher training & selection, broadening the appeal of AP curricula among Chinese students and parents, and focusing on on of AP’s key strengths, which is the creation of an ideal student-centered classroom environment.”

Zhang Minsheng adressing the crowdKey talks during the meeting:
  • By Wangxiang Bo (Vice President of the American University Council): "Summary and Prospects for China AP Education"
  • By Zhang Minsheng (Vice President of the Chinese Society of Education): “AP courses and curriculum reform in China"
  • By Prof. Sean Zhang (Ameson Foundation Vice Chairman): "American high school curriculum AP courses in China: a platform to promote the internationalization of education in China".
The benefits of taking AP courses is clearly penetrating the Chinese education mindset. For example, during the event, it was revealed that as of 2010, AP programs were operate within 180 high schools in China, with a total of roughly 1.5 million Chinese students enrolled in those courses.
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