China Equitable Information Management Service (CEIMS)


he China Equitable Information Management Service (CEIMS) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization funded by the Ameson Education and Cultural Exchange Foundation. Headquartered in Shanghai, CEIMS’s core mission is to provide a fair, transparent and trustworthy process for authenticating applications submitted by Chinese students.


Since 2002, the University of Cambridge has worked closely with the Ameson Foundation to identify China’s finest high school graduates using the Ameson Chinese Elite Identification System (ACEIS). This system has two objectives: identify top students, and verify that the documents submitted with their applications are authentic.

Screening and verification through ACEIS has proven to be extremely effective. The external document verification service of choice for Cambridge University, ACEIS is also used to process Chinese applications at 11 other post-secondary schools including the University of Melbourne, University of Warwick, and University of Bristol. With strong responses from existing users, students and schools alike, CEIMS is now being offered as a fully independent derivative of ACEIS.

What CEIMS does

CEIMS verifies and screens the authenticity of application documents (including graduate certificates/diplomas, transcripts, letters of recommendation, student academic ranking data and all relevant signatures). In addition, CEIMS analyzes student achievements and awards to distinguish between genuine achievements and exaggeration.

CEIMS is used by: University of Cambridge, University of Bristol, University of Warwick, University of Auckland, Durham University, University of Edinburgh, Aston University, Royal Holloway University of London, University of Glasgow, University of Melbourne, and Nanyang Technological University.

CEIMS Member Benefits

Essentially, the services CEIMS provide are designed to help bridge the gap between Western university standards and Chinese cultural and educational policy in order to provide Western admissions officers with a clear understanding of a Chinese applicant's true quality. Beyond research and analysis, the primary service of CEIMS is a reliable, streamlined authentication process for documents submitted by Chinese students. Full membership benefits include:
1. All registered schools/educational organizations receive ten (10) document authentications. These may be used when members receive suspicious documents from a Chinese applicant, or when a more comprehensive gauge of the applicant's true value and particular achievements is necessary. Each additional document authentication carries an additional USD 20 charge per authentication. Once a member inside the CEIMS system, members have access to our on the ground support network, lending increased speed and flexibility to the admissions process. 

2. CEIMS members are also provided the following information resources:

  • A complete report on China's top high schools containing: student enrollment, past and present; metropolitan/provincial school rankings; and the school's notable student programs. Members also receive an annual ranking of China's top high schools, with details about each institution's pedagogy and educational policies.
  • An overview of China's main academic competitions, with details of each competition's sponsors, number of participants, number and quality of prizes, and media reports and analysis from each event.
  • Information about gaokao, the Chinese university entrance examination. This report includes an analysis of how gaokao policies differ from western ones (including provincial, ethnic and economic variations within China); the subjects covered and how they are scored; the meaning and significance of scores; and a general overview of the system.
  • A newsletter that covers changes in Chinese educational policy at the secondary and post-secondary levels, and reports of fraudulent activities committed by Chinese students and/or schools.

3. CEIMS members receive assistance disseminating information about their schools to tens of thousands of elite Chinese high school students, prime candidates for undergraduate study abroad. Ameson's Chinese web portals and newsletter services reach hundreds of Chinese high schools with total enrollment in the tens of thousands.

Membership fee

In order to provide a program of impeccable quality and efficiency, an annual membership fee of USD 260 is required.

Membership eligibility

All universities, colleges and vocational training schools may apply for CEIMS membership. If you would like to apply or if you require additional information, contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . A CEIMS coordinator will contact you promptly to clarify how membership can benefit your school.

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